Waste. What is it? Where does it come from? The waste crisis is a growing problem internationally. As designers, we have been given the opportunity to develop systems, which can respond and assist in the elimination, recovery and/ or reduction of waste. The project focuses on materials and processes, which can assist the future of waste management. Through combinatorial ideas, the project focuses on biomimicry, biodegradability and 3D fabrication. Through an investigation into living organisms, I was able to identify algae as having benefits, both medically and to the environment. I began testing and researching into material properties, which lead me to understand 3D fabrication. Through my research, I was able to identify our current anthropology is a considered factor in the waste crisis. I looked at the environment and ask biology some questions. Why are we the only animal that creates waste, which the earth can just not process? How can we look back or into living organisms and their ability to function and survive with benefit to the environment? Through a combination of strategies, I was able to create a system which both educates anthropology, creates and investigates materiality in algae and waste, as well as utilise 3d fabricating. As designers, we have access to high-resolution technology which has benefits and assistance in synthetic biology. The progression on the studio has allowed me to become a conscious future designer, examining my processes and materials in order to act sustainingly to the environment.