Central Park Siblings

As a collaborative studio, we designed a wearable architectural uniform, one which symbolises the minimalistic examination of our studies as well as the evaluation

of Central Park as a key incisive space within Manhattan NYC. We absorbed the interdisciplinary qualities of the city as well as the progress of the park, examining the desire to explore space and time.

This wearable architecture also revealed the conceptual ideas of the artificial meeting the real, examining the relationship between the “artist” and the manifestation of the “sculpture” as well as the spatial experiences of New York City as the ability to identify how people become these spatial moments. The wearable architecture strongly symbolises this desire to explore spatial composition as well as form an overall identify within the city of New York.

The park dynamic creates a curious desire for these three sibling characters allowing them to explore and break the boundaries of the park. Though the exploration of the city and the cinematic summary, the characters are able to identify with the park, as the park has become their creator or “artist” formulating and merging these characters with the spatial composition of the Park. The characters become the artist subjects and are finally transformed revealing their faces.