Metamorphi. Gender. Transition. Spatial narrative. A intimate and celebrative journey of the transforming state of a drag queen.

As a comment on the vulnerability in Melbourne CBD, this was my attempt to create a space where the user can celebrate a transformation. This space addresses gender and how it can inform architecture. Creating a space, which responds to the needs of a drag queen and their ability to inform the architecture.

MetaMorphi reveals the self discovery of the transitioning state of a drag queen, both the intimate psychologically and physically as the space encourages this change and remarks it’s as a celebration, creating a safety realm for the drag queen. Creating empathetic architecture allows the user to have control of their personal journey. This sense of experimentation allows the user to observe and monitor their surroundings

The space follows a specific order allowing the participant to learn through the technique of voyeurism, the placement of mirrors, which allow the participant to see whilst being seen. The mirrors are positioned in specific angels to assist the multiple perspectives of their transition.

This process allows the user to gain full experience of the change, following a process of application to the surface though make-up, hair and offcourse appearance.