Surfers. The subculture. Bird watching. The hobby. These two ideas combine to form a unique user experience.

Surfers are invested in the ocean and driven by their ability to participate in activities on the water. Exploring the deeper side of the surfer, in both their physical and psychological state and moving into the idea of the sublime, creates the living paradise and that moment in space in which an interior is designed.

Bird watching. This activity uses the senses to observe birds of distinct nature. The exercise involves auditory, sensory and visual/sight senses to indicate the birds passing. The movement has a deep relationship with nature and geographical sight. This allows for exploration between the bird, person, geography and technology.

The spatial experience first begins in the world of the surfer. Here the user can observe the frozen moment of capturing the “wave”. The intimate experience allows the user to interact with the psychological state of the surfer. Through the transition in space, the user is slowly directed to the bird watching experience. Here, the user is allowing them to observe the birds in their habitat.

Pelagic refers to the inhabitation of the upper layers of the open sea, informing the overall journey through the progression in layers of the ocean. These layers allow for the formation of space and activity. The layers of the ocean influence the participation and experience transition.

Capturing the moment of the surfer bird watching allows for the contrast of both spaces, allows the above and the below to become one interior. It further allows an interaction between nature and the sensation of being collective as well s individual.