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A section where the interdisciplinarity of research and practice meet. Features, stories, research and design, all enable curiosity and empathy to establish advocacy for persons with intellectual disability and non-verbal communication. This is my ‘journey’ documented.

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Advocacy | 03.09.21

The Greek Herald

“Η Iliana Ginnis θέλει να κάνει τη διαφορά
για τους μη λεκτικούς ανθρώπους”

Thank you John Voutos.

Advocacy | 03.09.21

The Greek Herald

“Intellectual disability is neglected’: Ilianna Ginnis on designing for neurodiverse communities”.

Thank you John Voutos.

Advocacy | 24.05.2021

Parlour article

“Re-imagining communication access in design” is a featured article to advocate for persons with intellectual disabilities who communicate non-verbally.

Media | 13.05.2021

Neos Kosmos Article English Translation

The Neos Kosmos article was translated into English.

Media | 23.04.2021

Neos Kosmos Article

An interview with the Neos Kosmos regarding architecture and non-verbal intellectual disability. The article discusses the importance of agency for non-verbal disability and how designers can assist in advocating for agency.

Thank you Iris Papathanasiou.

Advocacy | 04.2021

Parlour Marion’s List

“PARLOUR: a space to speak – bringing together research, informed opinion and resources; generating debate and discussion; expanding the spaces for women in Australian architecture.”

I am excited to be featured as part of Parlours Marion’s list, exploring women within the building environment profession. Currently writing pieces to contribute to research within architecture, specifically for persons who are non-verbal and have intellectual disabilities, and my challenges as a female in design.

Advocacy | 04.2021

Kingston city council community panel

Kingston Your Future Community Panel member. I am one of 45 people who has been selected to represent the community and make recommendations that will be presented to the Kingston City Council. My role and my goal is to advocate for persons with disability, physical and intellectual disabilities, making sure they are heard and represented within the community.

Practice | 01.04.2021

Melbourne Design Week – A Participatory Urban Aesthetic?

On behalf of the organisers of A Participatory Urban Aesthetic? we would like to say a big THANK YOU for taking part in our event and workshop. A very special thanks to our four guest speakers: Mittul Vahanvati, Ammon Beyerle, Crystal Legacy and Kamil Muhammad who shared their diverse experiences on participatory design.

EVENT PHOTOGRAPHSFollow the link below to our event website and photographs from the night. We will keep you posted about a publication about participatory design!

Research | 2019

The International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR)

An annual, two-day academic conference that showcases the best in undergraduate research from around the world. I was able to showcase my research in research methods with persons who have an intellectual disability and are non-verbal communicators. My presentation allowed me to present my findings in my honours and how I would take this on through my PhD.

Research | 2019

Ilianna Ginnis MADA NOW honours project

My honours project made it to the MADA Now website, showcasing my research in my final years of Interior Architecture

Consultation | 08.2020

Consultation RIS: Proposal to include minimum accessibility standards for housing in the NCC

A public consultation response towards government bodies advocating for accessibility within the National Construction Codes.

Consultation | 09.2020

2020 Review- Disability Standards for education 2005

A public consultation response towards the department of education, skills and employment in Australia. The consultation examined universal design methods, Specific reference to UNCRPD, Reasonable Adjustments: relationship to Premises Standards, relationship to Accessible Transport Standards, Assistance animals, caregivers, associates, and Assistive technology, and, Special Measures (Goods, services, and facilities)

advocacy | 10.2019

Public and private visions don’t mix

The CBD news for advocacy of our city our square by Meg Hill.


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