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Michelle Ginnis


Michelle is my inspiration. My desire to pressure research within intellectual disability and non-verbal communication has come from my sister. Through our experiences together, there is a requirement for representation of non-verbal individuals with comorbid and intellectual disability. I have committed my life to understanding her every need and desire, which has influenced my level of empathy towards her and to people like her. Over the years, I have witnessed first-hand the challenges that Michelle faces within private (familiar) and public (foreign) spaces, programs and processes; one of the reasons behind my career as a spatial designer and drive of my PhD research. I dedicate all my research to Michelle and persons with non-verbal intellectual disability. You have my heart.

Honours | Interior Architecture

Neural Sensorium |

How can the interior become an agent for change utilising technological advancements in stimulating agency and communication for people with neurodevelopmental disabilities?

Supervision | Jhana Pfeiffer-Hunt

Photomontage// The eye of the mind

Ph.D | Design

Ph.D |

What considerations and processes do spatial designers need to undertake when working with individuals who present with profound intellectual disabilities, particularly those who are non-verbal and use alternative communication systems.

Supervision | Dr. Kanvar Nayer, Dr. Chris Cottrell and Professor Daphne Flynn

Design Health Collab Monash University

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