SheCity | Herstory

in collaboration with XYX LAB

History told from the perspective of a woman. This project was an urban and civic intervention aimed at projecting the story of the female.

HERstory is a participatory urban intervention and walking tour, which took place at the MPavilion, revealing the lack of female representation in the City of Melbourne monuments. The aim of the walk is to reclaim space by sharing the untold stories of Victorian women. We are honoring notable women at male monuments and locations throughout the city. This initiative works to communicate in a political and activist manner, with the presentation of an interactive and digital layer.

Through this project we where able to create this digital layer of the city. The utilization of technology assisted the representation of these women allowing their stories to be heard and seen through the platform of the website. I developed the website to acknowledge the achievements of the women – this was not a erasing the male history instead I was adding to it the “untold” story. The digital layer works along the physical layer creating this space where women have a place to be heard (through the utilization of audio) and visualized.

The project was supervised by XYX Lab assisting the process through the extensive research and development through multiple design thinking strategies and techniques.

This project + workshop assisted my ability to understand the bigger picture and the impact spaces, both

public and private, have on our safety in the city. This has driven my passion in the lack of female representation within Melbourne. Through SheCity I am able to understand the complex thematic of reclaiming space as it offers the opportunity for women to break the silence, communicating in a political and activist manner. I am interesting in the narrative of the female story and the interaction between the digital and the physical creating a integrative design as well as a universal tool which can assist woman to be represented world wide.

The Herstory workshop acts as a reflection of the walk and the audio tour. The workshop allows the opportunity to brainstorm other women who have or continue to make a difference and should be recognized in our city. This therefore, allows the opportunity for Herstory to become a personal journey, by acknowledging woman and their contributions to our community and our city. Through the mode of storytelling, we are able to share each others journey and allow one another to learn and be inspired as well as connect through the modes of communication, empowering each other to create HERSTORY!