This project is a critical exploration of bio mimicry, the ability to translate chemical reactions and incorporate it within the physical production of architecture. As a studio, we investigated bio mimicry and the ability to replicate chemical formulas. This allowed us to apply these concepts within an interactive threshold, revealing the grotesque yet innovative productions of architecture.

The structure enabled me to understand deeper the concept of bio mimicry, mimicking the chemical and physical reactions of tree sap in allowing the formation of space under the Princess BridgeMy project consisted in the formation of layers revealing saps ability to form through the process of cooking, creating a interactive journey as well as a sensory experience through a threshold.

My designed space therefore allows for the 1:1 interaction with tree sap and the multitude of chemical bonding and atom state. The ability for tree sap to formulate in a variety of context reveals the abilities for us as designers to build in the future, formulating spaces with unique propositions as well as new innovative material selection, further pushing the concepts of design and disciplines of science.

The threshold overall exposed the pollution in the Yarra River. Through the filtration system included in the sap threshold, overtime the structure reveals the absorption of the rivers pollution. This frozen moment allows people to critically reflect upon the environment and their contribution to keeping the environment safe.